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What is an Automated Home?

An automated home is more than a bunch of “Smart Devices” living together under one roof. It’s about those devices actually being able to interact and “Talk” to each other; to work together and collectively provide you, the homeowner, with an unprecedented level of sophistication, simplicity and comfort.

Imagine coming home from vacation and as usual, you disarm your security system before the alarm goes off. But this time, your house knows you’re home; the blinds raise, your thermostat leaves “Away” mode to bring the house to your desired evening temperature, the lights in the kitchen and hallway gently brighten to 75%. As you enter the room on your left, the security sensor notices your movement and tells the lighting system to turn on the lights for you until you leave the room again. The fireplace in the great room roars to life since it knows you prefer it on during the winter months. Your favorite radio station starts playing from your overhead speakers to greet you as you move around to put your luggage aside. At 6:00 the music fades away and the news appear on the main TV.

When it’s time for bed, simply open your phone and tap “Goodnight.” Your home will turn itself off: Every light, every TV, speaker and fireplace. The blinds will lower, the security system will arm and the furnace will change to your night time settings.

An Automated Home or Smart Home is easy to use. It doesn’t involve 10 different apps and hours of menus and settings and fine tuning. Our technicians make sure that operating your home is simple, easy and intuitive. We custom build every app specifically for each home so your app works the way you want it to.