About Us

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At Beyond Theaters we believe in quality and service above everything else. We believe in having personal relationships with each of our clients, how else can we deliver the absolute best product and the best experience through that product?

Our company is putting a new look on the custom home theater and home automation world. Isn’t it time to put the control back in the hands of the user, to have an amazing home entertainment and automation system that doesn’t require a PHD to use?

Ease of use, quality service and a standard of excellence are what we strive to achieve for every single one of our clients.

If you choose to go with us for your dream home we will:

  • Save you countless trips to the front door by letting you see who’s at the door on your phone and also giving you the option to unlock the door for them.
  • Save you having to switch every single light off by giving you an ‘All Off’ button in key locations around the house and on your phone/tablet.
  • Give you peace of mind that your home is recording every motion around it and also give you the chance to check in on your home when you’re away.
  • Let you see the delivery guy at your door and open the garage for him if you’re at work or away.
  • Turn your home into an entertainer’s dream with easy to control music being played from your phone, no more ugly knobs on the wall
  • Hide all your sources so that every TV location can be clear of clutter and also give you the option to watch your cable box on any TV in the house
  • Create a memorable movie watching experience for your family and friends, with a high end media room or an all out custom home theater
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