We offer a high quality multi-room audio system, with no ugly controls or knobs on the wall, simply control everything from your phone. Play your own music, any radio in the world and access over 30 millions songs through Spotify, so that you can listen to whatever you feel like at the tap of a button. You no longer have to get up to change the volume.

Custom home theater, Surround speakers
Video matrix, custom home automation, smart home


Keep your cable box and other video sources hidden away in the mechanical room and enjoy a cable and clutter free home. You can go even further with a video matrix – you could have 2 cable boxes (his and hers) and watch them on any TV in the house. This gives you easy access to your personal TV recordings wherever you are in your home.


We carry a wide selection of automated blinds that you can control from a remote, from your phone, tablet, or even build them into a scene, so that they go to your desired position when you press ‘Welcome’ upon arriving home.

Smart shading, smart home
Smart Lighting, smart home, home automation


If you’re tired of the classic rocker switch, we’ve got a wide selection of architectural design switches and keypads that you can control from your phone or tablet. Imagine pressing ‘All Off’ on your way out and knowing that it will turn off all your TVs, lights, music, fireplaces.


We design and build custom home theaters for any budget. Whether you want entry level or custom built speakers and on-site built acoustic treatment and fabric wrap, we’ve got something for you. With a wide range of premium products to choose from, your home theater will be unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Custom home theater, custom home theater edmonton
Home Security, smart home


Always know what is going on at home. Get email or text notifications straight to your phone, use your app to arm and disarm your system anywhere in the world and check on the status of your home. Your security system can talk to your other systems too-use your motion sensors to turn on your lights, use your music system to act as an alarm and have your outdoor lights flash when an intruder is detected.


We have a variety of cameras to choose from and we will build you a high quality CCTV system, that will always record, or just record on motion. You can view your cameras in your browser, tablet or phone and you can also stream them when you’re away.

You can also get the front door camera pop up on your tablet/phone when someone rings the doorbell.

Smart home, home automation


We tie in to your HVAC system and we can integrate it with your custom control system. If you’re watching TV and would like to adjust the temperature, you don’t have to get up, just use your phone or tablet. You can also check your home temperature when you’re away and set it so that’s it’s just right when you get home.


Never run out of music again, our music system allows you to stream music from all the most popular streaming services and radio stations. Want to listen to that station you heard when you were on vacation in San Francisco? No problem. Want to listen to the latest album that was released this morning? With a couple clicks you’ll be hearing your favorite tunes anywhere or everywhere in your house.

Music Streaming, smart home, multi room audio


Want to see how much power you are wasting or saving? Our energy management system ties directly in to your electrical system to determine how much power you are using, or saving with each of our cost reducing technologies. Our system can even determine the cost of your bill each month before it arrives!


What’s life without Wi-Fi? In today’s world our home internet access is synonymous with everyday life. We have taken the guess work out of which wireless routers, switches, access points and networks to choose in your home. We have extensively tested the top 20 wireless brands to ensure that every home is covered by the most reliable, feature rich and robust wireless signal possible; at a reasonable price.


No system is perfect, there is always room for improvement. Often a system can always be fine tuned a little more to each person’s preferences, and scheduling a service call to slightly adjust something takes a lot of work and time. Our remote access system allows us to easily log in, diagnose and make any software changes that you wish. In the rare event that something goes wrong, our system allows us to get you back up and running in no time.